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“When I realized I was pregnant shortly after graduating college I went looking for clinics to discuss options. I ended up inadvertently going to what I know now is a crisis pregnancy center (CPC), that was actually directly across the street from a Planned Parenthood in Columbus, Ohio. I was relieved that there were no protesters outside the clinic and thought they would help me. They did help me verify I was pregnant but completely unreceptive to any discussion about termination. Every time I would steer the conversation towards that I was instantly flooded with information on adoption.

Pamphlets upon pamphlets about adoption and parenting and growth but nothing about abortion. They gave me numbers to call for resources (none of which included anything related to abortion again) and sent me on my way. I even questioned when I left if abortion was in fact legal, that it existed, they made it sound so outside the realm of possibility. I was overwhelmed with my situation and the lack of help I was looking for. By the time I decided to just go to Planned Parenthood even if protestors would be there, I was too far along to afford the procedure. Saving money up would have pushed me past when PP performs them. I love my son dearly, but I also am aware the circumstances and deception that brought him about. I think it is disgusting how these places masquerade as help for women already struggling and stressed, only to push one narrative and many falsehoods.”

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Women and families seeking healthcare or counseling during pregnancy deserve and require accurate, unbiased, and comprehensive information. Demand that fake women's health centers end the lies!