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“I’m a physician here in Phoenix, Arizona. I’m a family physician…the general guidelines I use with any patient coming in is if they’re coming in undecided, or they’re coming in with an unplanned pregnancy,  to make sure that they utilized all their support systems, they’ve maybe talked to their family, that they’ve taken the time they need to make the  right decision… everyone deserves to be given accurate information about whatever medical care they’re gonna be receiving.

“Probably once a day at least, one of my patients comes in who has either accidentally or been misled to present at a Fake Women’s Health Center. The advertising, the websites, the people who answer the phones can be very misleading…There’s over 100 crisis pregnancy centers in Arizona…most of the people there are not healthcare providers. They simply wear a white coat and maybe a name tag, but many aren’t nurses or doctors…they’re basically non-medical people giving out medical advice. A lot of the information they get is false.

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Women and families seeking healthcare or counseling during pregnancy deserve and require accurate, unbiased, and comprehensive information. Demand that fake women's health centers end the lies!