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“I’m a resident physician in obstetrics and gynecology…as a provider my role the minute I walk in the door is to let you know I’m not going to lie and I’m not going to do anything to harm you. My whole role in my job is to do what’s in your best interests…when you’re in the exam room, whatever’s going on in my house, whatever’s going on at work, my job is to put it aside because the person in front of me who is who I’m helping.

“It makes me very angry when I think about people practicing medicine and not having gone through the same rigorous training that I’ve had since they’re not actually practicing, they’re just pretending to…we should require fake women’s health centers to disclose whether they have or do not have a medical provider on staff…This isn’t even about bad medical practice, this is about people coming into the room with a patient and having their own agenda without a patient centered focus.”

“These facilities do find women at a particularly vulnerable time in their lives. They’re making a big decision about what to do when they find out that they’re pregnant. I think that it does do a disservice to the patient when you only talk about one option especially when she hasn’t had a chance to consider all the options…in a patient’s world we don’t understand everything that’s going on. So by giving them all the options they can make a decision that’s geared toward them and their family to help be the best choice that they can possibly make…by not giving them all the options you’re really doing harm to the patient which is not right at all…they really need to talk to someone who can look past their own agenda to really try to help this patient through their situation and cope with the fact that they are now pregnant.”

*Dr. Robin Pressley is a pseudonym.

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